Frequently Asked Questions

    What Does Cuddle Do

    Cuddle gives you access to invest in exclusive & premium Real Estate deals not available to the public.

    How Does Cuddle Work

    Cuddle acquires and manages all properties on behalf of the owners.

    How does Cuddle get the property?

    We search for properties in strategic locations that can make all our users good profit. All properties are vetted by surveyors, lawyers and realtors to help all users of Cuddle make money from any property owned.

    What Makes Cuddle Different

    - Anyone can own properties from as low as #20,000 - You can benefit from the same access as an outright owner - Opportunity to diversify funds across multiple properties - Control and track your asset from anywhere in the world through your mobile device/pc

    Is Cuddle A Regulated Investment Company

    Cuddle is not an investment company, it's only a real estate company that uses technology to democratize access for people to own properties. Cuddle Realty Ltd is duly registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    What document do I get from Cuddle

    On every purchase, you get a digital version of your Purchase receipt and a Certificate of Beneficial Ownership on any property purchased

    What document do I get from Cuddle?

    On every purchase, you get a digital version of your purchase receipt and a Certificate of Beneficial Ownership on any property purchased.

    Is There A Minimum Purchase Required

    All assets have their minimum entry investment amount. Kindly check through the marketplace for any property you would like.

    How Much Percentage (%) Return on Investment Is Paid

    Cuddle does not guarantee fixed returns. The return is purely dependent on the rental income of the property which can be tracked from your property portfolio dashboard

    What is Holding Period

    A holding period is the minimum period you have to hold your property share before you can liquidate.

    Can I transfer ownership of my property to someone else

    You can only transfer ownership of your property to your next of kin

    Can I Sell My Property Share

    Yes. You can sell your property after the minimum holding period

    How Do I Receive My Payments

    Payments are made directly to your wallets, then you can withdraw to any Bank of your choice

    How do I validate my co-ownership on Cuddle

    - You can always schedule a visit to your property with just a click of a button after your purchase of that property. - You will be carried along with the performance of your property through periodic reports.

    Got more questions?

    Call: +234-814-993-8894
    Email: hello@cuddlerealty.com
    Office: 2, Yemi Adetayo, Salem, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
    Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm | Sunday: 12pm — 6pm

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